Business incubation and transformation


There are always large numbers for interesting business ventures that can be seen to have a positive sustainable development impact and which need small amounts of seed capital. We will combine seed capital and business experience by working in partnership to develop a meaningful venture.

Advisory support

Invaluable advice to key stakeholders in either start-up situations, or where an organisation is in a state of transition, can be the difference between success and failure. Such advice does not have to cost you direct cash if you are willing to part with a small equity stake as payment.

Facilitation and process design

Organisations operate in an environment of constant change. Some of this is deliberate some is "organic change", whichever it is usually advisable to proactively manage the change that is happening around us. There is a valuable role to be played by an external partner who can design change processes and facilitate the process implementation.

Non executive role

Organisations can often benefit from having available additional expertise and experience particularly if this is an internal part of the organisation. Consider if you could benefit from having a Non Executive Director to support the organisation with business strategy and sustainable growth.

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