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Still a Fellow of the ACCA and had worked as a Partner in two of the big four accounting firms. Work included providing Audit and Advisory services to a large number of international and local clients, including a number of due diligence and other special assignments. Roles have included, head of the assurance function, technical partner, responsibility for the insurance, mining and pharma sectors and head of HR and training. There have also been professional contributions in drafting legislation and accounting standards. Finance experience is currently being used to advise clients on financial planning and capital raising.


Experience in this area involved formulating business strategy and direction for a number of clients, both at the business and functional level. Working mainly with the senior business leader the approach often involved translating their business ambition into strategic actions. In addition there have been roles facilitating the development and implementation of strategic actions through strategy teams and running programmes that developed strategic awareness and thinking in organisations.


In addition to HR and training roles in organisations, there have been a number of consulting assignments over the past 13 years in the HR field. These assignments would cover the broad areas of HR Strategy, HR functional effectiveness and design, recruitment and outplacement, compensation and benefits and people measurement criteria.


Although a part of the greater HR area there have been more assignments in the learning and development field than in any other. These have included acting in coaching and mentoring roles, establishing coaching as a development tool in organisations and the design and facilitation of development centres. There have been a number of development programmes specifically designed to meet the specific needs of clients, as well as the delivery of programmes design by others.


A key part of the role played in the above areas has been the creation of solutions that align with the circumstance of the organisation and the objectives of the assignment. The ability to work with a blank canvass rather than pre determined products has been a key to success, this has been linked with experience in a range of tools and knowing when and how to apply what.


Worked with amongst others:

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