Sustainable development

Project formulation and financing

Ilanda will work with project/business owners where the project has a clear sustainable development impact (examples would include renewable energy, energy efficiency, heath care and education). The interaction could involve the initial stages of project definition/development, business or financial planning, or the rasing of finance, or securing appropriate business partners.

Changing the business perspective

Business can play an important role in enhancing a sustainable development agenda. As an organisational leader you maybe concerned about how your organisation can continue to prosper, but in a way that is more closely aligned with the principles of sustainable development. We can look at how these principles can be practically applied in your circumstances to create a closer alignment.

Cost reduction

Have you considered as an organisation how much cost you could remove from your business and at the same time have less negative impact on the environment. These costs can be saved through the reduction of inputs or waste, or exploring ways for a more efficient use of energy. This interaction is based around the philosophy of the 4 "R"'s, reduce, repair, reuse, recycle. An example would be exploring how you take energy out of the supply chain.

there is no viable path forward that does not take into account the needs of future generations Peter Senge