Strategic business advice


Keeping strategic thinking simple and focusing organisational leaders on how they achieve their objective. This process often starts by allowing people to take an objective view of their current reality and will continue through to defining an organisational context within which a clear strategy can be formulated and implemented. The analogue of a journey is considered as fitting for this process and ensures that ownership of the context and resultant actions remain with the organisation.

Optimising professional service performance

Operating in a "partnership", no matter how this is governed, is different from other organisational models. Without drastically changing the business model or focus, performance improvement can be delivered by focusing on some of the basic building blocks of success. Working in areas where small changes can have large benefits.

Organisational alignment

Success in any organisational environment will be sub optimised if there is not internal alignment between structure, process and behaviours. From a strategic point of view there needs to be alignment between strategy, the external environment and the internal organisation. A change in one usually requires a change in the others.


There is an old saying "what we don't know can't hurt us". Yet there is a lot of information that if it was available to us would allow more informed decisions to be made. So take a new look at the things you are measuring and how you can utilise data that is not currently measured, or communicated. This will help to focus attention on enhancing performance.

Outcomes not inputs