Enhancing individual and team effectiveness


There is much effort put into achieving "work life balance". How about considering just "balance"? It is a difficult task keeping our lives balanced or even understanding what balance might mean. "Insight" is an approach that helps individuals consider how balanced their lives are and what they can do to improve well being.


It is lonely at the top of organisations as those of you who have been there will know. It can be invaluable to have a wise sounding board available to support you with the achievement of your ambition.

Conflict resolution

At different times we find ourselves in real conflict situations where a win/lose scenario is in play. It is difficult to shift the perspective to a win/win scenario when you are deep in the swamp with the crocodiles. What can help are arbitration techniques to help resolve these seemingly complex situations, particularly when facilitated by an external party.

Senior team functionality

When you operate in an organisational context you invariably work with groups of people. Often these are more informal groups rather than real teams. Nevertheless the ineffective operation of these groups can have a damaging impact on organisational performance, the more so, the more senior the people who are involved. Remember what it was like when you were part of a high performing team.

before enlightenment chopping wood carrying water after enlightenment chopping wood carrying water Zen proverb